Jubksin43 Jubksin43 28 March 2014

Toronto,Ontario, Canada, 4/6/14

Name: Birth-bey-bash Venue: 63 Pharmacy Avenue Format: MFB Date: April 6th 2014 TTC Information: Travel to Albion on the 67 Pharmacy route. If you are travelling on Line 2, travel to Victoria Park Station and take the 67 from there. If you are coming on Ellesmere, take the 95 to Pharmacy then take the 67. Side Note: Please look after your stuff. We will be playing in a community centre, so someone could just come and steal your stuff. We wouldn't want that happening, now would we.



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Ken Rao Ken Rao 21 December 2012

1st Wikiversary Contest

So we've just open up i'v started a contest contents below prizes will be given out the user with the most points wins 

Make at least 20 edits (10 points)

Make at least 5-10 approved tournaments (20 points)

Visit the wiki over 15 times (40 points)

Contribut to the wiki (5 points)

Answer at least 10 questons (7 points)

Welcome new users (1 point each)

1st place Prizes: Surprize and gold Pegasus face

2nd place Prizes: Surprize and silver Pegasus face

3rd place Prizes: Surprize and bronze Pegasus face

I don't want to spoil it exept the faces

i will close this as i get the results users will be randomly chosen happy wikiversary!

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