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The Wiki for beyblade tournaments, reports for tournaments, gathering enough people to make tournament and more

Here is the tournaments that are being made[edit | edit source]

[Toronto Ontario 03/16/2013] Blast into the new zone

[Toronto Ontario 05/26/2013] Bladers unleashed

[Toronto Ontario 06/09/2013] Summer Beys: Round 1, In the heat

[Toronto Ontario 07/07/2013] Summer Beys: Round 2, Clash of the bladers

[Toronto Ontario 07/21/2013] Summer Beys: Champion ship

[Toronto Ontario 08/04/2013] Summer Beys: Remembering Summer Beys

Upcoming Contests [edit | edit source]

BeyPrize Blow Out Contest

A New Wiki A New face Contest

1st Wikiversury Contest

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